Why Digital Marketing career have more opportunity ?

1)What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing with the use of the internet and digital technologies for the promotion of
products and services are basically Digital Marketing. Advertisements of products on
Television, Radio, Mobiles are forms of marketing. The main aim of digital
marketing is to connect the audience to their products on various digital platforms,
increase the brand reach, enhance customer reach.

2) Why is Digital Marketing important?

As of January 2021, 4.66 billion people are daily internet users worldwide which
are 59.5% of the total global population and 92.6% out of them are mobile users. This
shows that a massive amount of people is online and it’s a good opportunity to
make your products and services online so that people will know there are such
things available online when people get to know about your business, they
will search for you and the more you are active will increase the reach for people
but if people can’t find you online you can lose them as a customer. Marketing your
products digitally will make you know what the public needs most and from what area
you will get more costumer at what time people are most active and many more
which is obviously a great medium for increasing your brand value.

3) More uses of digital marketing?

· Increase Brands reputation
· Gives higher revenues
· Better return of investments
· Collect more customers

4) Types of Digital Marketing:

I. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This makes sure whenever a customer search for a product they find you and not
your competitor.

II. social media

Due to the massive amount of public here you get a chance to speak to your
customers directly and increase your reach through sharing your information

III. Blogging

Blogs help your audience to get detailed information about your product and

IV. Video Marketing

This is the fastest-growing area of marketing. With the help of short videos, people
can get quick information about your product and services.

V. Email marketing

Emails help you to give daily reminders to the audience about the products and
services that you provide which can make a better relationship with customers.

VI. Web design

Website displays business to your customers and a professional and well
the managed website can give a better vibe for the audience.

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5) Why future of Digital Marketing is bright

Digital is a new game.
· ‘Digital India’ is the government’s plan for the future.
· We can be able to enter global markets.
· Learning Digital marketing will make you an expert in the future.
· Small towns will be connected to metro cities.
· This is quite affordable.
· Engagement rate is higher in this field.
· Internet users are increasing every day.
· Market revenue will be increased.


Digital marketing can be used as a second option there is no boss or no one who
will say do this or that it’s only you and your skills which can give you more than
you ever expected. Digital Marketing can sound scary at first but this is the need
of the future. The main purpose of this field is why to do hard work if you can do smart
work. Working according to future perspectives can make you financially and
mentally stable.
We hope your doubts are completely cleared and we think you will be definitely
ready to perceive this field.

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