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Cyber Security is a specialized field in Information Technology (IT) which is regarded as a substream in Computer Science. Cyber Security courses aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to defend the computer operating systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks

A bug bounty is a monetary reward offered to white hat hackers for successfully pinpointing a security bug that causes a vulnerability. A vulnerability is a “weak spot” that enables black hat hackers, criminals who break into networks with malicious intent, to gain unauthorized access to a website, tool, or system. More often than not, a security vulnerability can have catastrophic implications for an organization.

Computer engineering or computer science, is usually needed for a malware analyst position. An advanced degree is typically not required, but can give you an edge over other job applicants and provide additional training and industry knowledge.

Threat hunting is the practice of proactively searching for cyber threats that are lurking undetected in a network. Cyber threat hunting digs deep to find malicious actors in your environment that have slipped past your initial endpoint security defenses.

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