“Rising Threat: YouTube Like Scam Targets Users on WhatsApp and Telegram!”

YouTube enthusiasts beware! The ‘YouTube Like and earn’ phenomenon has taken a dark turn, evolving into a sophisticated scam that preys on unsuspecting users eager to make some easy money. Let’s delve into the details of this nefarious scheme and understand how to shield yourself from falling victim to its traps.

The Growing Scourge of YouTube Like and Earn

The ‘Like YouTube videos and earn money’ scam has been gaining momentum, targeting individuals through WhatsApp and Telegram. While some can quickly identify the scam, many, especially those less tech-savvy, find themselves ensnared in its web of deceit.

The Modus Operandi

BitDefender Labs researchers shed light on the scam’s mechanics. Cybercriminals reach out to users, posing as digital marketing professionals, offering a seemingly harmless part-time gig – liking videos on YouTube for extra income. Once the user expresses interest, the scammers request personal information and bank details under the guise of payment processing.

The Deceptive Payoff

Having successfully baited the user, the scammers instruct them on specific videos to like and subscribe to, sharing screenshots as false proof of legitimacy. After completing the tasks, users are paid, but here’s where the real deception begins. Exploiting greed, scammers lure victims into Telegram groups promising more lucrative tasks. These groups flaunt payment proofs to gain trust.

The VIP Trap

As users complete additional tasks, they’re invited to join a ‘VIP‘ group with higher-paying opportunities. However, entry comes at a cost, ranging from $20 to $1000. Paying this fee, unsuspecting victims find themselves blocked or ignored by scammers, having fallen prey to an intricate ruse.

Identifying and Avoiding the Scam

Recognizing these scams is crucial. Legitimate job opportunities do not involve payment for liking or watching YouTube videos. Refusal to provide business details or communicate over the phone is a red flag. Never entertain offers that demand upfront payments for high-paying tasks.

Guarding Against Deception

To stay safe, report and block suspicious contacts, never share sensitive information like bank details, and utilize scam detection tools such as Norton Genie or Bitdefender Scamio. It’s a collective effort to thwart these scams and protect online communities.

Real-life Victims

The repercussions of this scam extend beyond mere financial loss. A Mumbai architect lost over Rs 7 lakh, a Bengaluru cop fell for the scheme, losing between Rs 1,000 and Rs 3,000, and even a senior government official in Delhi, associated with a central agency, succumbed, losing between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh.

Law Enforcement’s Response

Police authorities caution against online jobs promising substantial returns for upfront investments. The cyber cell’s investigation reveals a network of Telegram accounts linked to fraudulent activities, emphasizing the need for public awareness.

In a world where online scams proliferate, vigilance is key. Stay informed, report suspicious activity, and safeguard yourself from the ever-evolving tactics of cybercriminals.

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