Defend yourself from the Indian fake Facebook scam, Al Khair Baitulmaal Ur. Cr. Co-Operative Society.

Scams and fraudulent operations have unfortunately become more common in the digital age, preying on unwary people via a variety of online channels. Scams and fraudulent operations have unfortunately become more common in the digital age, preying on unwary people via a variety of online channels. One such scam has emerged: the use of the Al Khair Baitulmaal Society name and imagery on Facebook to deceive individuals with promises of loans and financial support. The culprits behind this plan are exploiting personal information, influencing faith in the bank, and coercing people into paying large sums of money under false pretenses.

Understanding The ScamThe perpetrators of this fraud use many strategies to deceive individuals.

1. False Islamic Finance and Interest. Free Loan Promises

They contact people on Facebook, pretending to be representatives of the Al Khair Baitulmaal Society. They provide loans and financial aid but need an upfront payment of ₹1,750 or more for processing fees, insurance, or security deposits. This payment is made under the pretense of simplifying the financing process.

2. Misleading messages.

To compound their deceit, these scammers send false bank messages that appear to be from legitimate banks such as SBI (State Bank of India) or others. These messages are designed to appear genuine, tricking victims into believing that the loan procedure is underway.

3. Exploiting Personal Information

They acquire personal information from individuals, such as contact information and, in some cases, sensitive financial data. This information is then misused or sold, jeopardizing the victims’ safety and privacy.

How to Protect Yourself.

1. Verification of sources.

Always check the validity of any financial offer or loan arrangement. Advance payments rarely accompany loan approvals from legitimate banks or financial organizations.

2. Evaluate communications

Be wary of unsolicited messages or calls purporting to represent banks. Verify the sender or caller’s legitimacy using the bank’s official channels.

3. Protect personal information.

Avoid disclosing sensitive information such as bank account information, passwords, or Aadhaar/PAN card numbers to unknown parties or over unprotected platforms such as social media.

4. Report suspected scams.

If you witness such fraudulent activity, report it immediately to the relevant bank, cybercrime authorities, or platforms such as Facebook to avoid future exploitation.


Scams that use the credibility of financial organizations such as Al Khair Baitulmaal Bank on social media platforms pose a severe threat. To avoid falling prey to such fraudulent schemes, you must remain watchful, verify sources, and preserve personal information.

Remember, genuine financial organizations do not require upfront payments for loan approvals. Stay aware, be vigilant, and work together to prevent such schemes and protect ourselves and our communities from financial exploitation.

Al-Khair Baitul Maal Bank Office in Aurangabad

It’s important to mention that the authentic Al Khair Baitulmaal Bank has an office in Aurangabad. However, in the aftermath of this scam, it is necessary to contact the bank immediately through formal means or visit their office in person for any financial inquiries. 


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