Chinese Hackers Pilfer 100 GB of Indian Immigration Data: Security Breach Sparks Global Concerns

China’s hackers have executed a sophisticated cyber intrusion operation targeting various nations, with India being the latest victim. The Washington Post uncovered a startling revelation of Chinese hackers pilfering a staggering 100 gigabytes of Indian immigration data, shedding light on the extent of China’s cyber-surveillance prowess.

Unveiling the Cyber Siege

The breach, detailed in a report by The Washington Post, exposes a systematic onslaught orchestrated by Chinese intelligence and cyber-surveillance units. The scope of the intrusion extends beyond India, enveloping countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, and more.

Peeking into the Intruders’ Arsenal

The leaked cache, comprising files, images, and chat logs, provides a rare glimpse into the operations of firms enlisted by Chinese government agencies for large-scale data collection endeavors. The tools utilized by Chinese state agents include sophisticated software exploits targeting vulnerabilities in systems from tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

iSoon: The Alleged Culprit

At the center of this cyber storm lies iSoon, a Shanghai-based company purportedly offering third-party hacking and data collection services to Chinese governmental bodies and state-owned enterprises. The leaked documents reveal a laundry list of successful breaches targeting overseas entities, including crucial immigration and telecom data.

Global Ramifications

US intelligence officials have sounded the alarm, highlighting China’s targeted hacking campaigns as a paramount long-term threat to global security. Similarly, India has responded by imposing restrictions on Chinese mobile applications, citing concerns over potential surveillance activities.

Probing the Fallout

Authorities are scrambling to contain the fallout from this monumental breach, with iSoon and Chinese police launching investigations into the leak. Meanwhile, concerns loom over the potential repercussions for affected nations, raising questions about the efficacy of current cybersecurity measures.

The Road Ahead

As nations grapple with the fallout from this cyber siege, the incident underscores the urgent need for bolstered cybersecurity protocols and international cooperation to combat the growing threat posed by state-sponsored cyber intrusions. The ramifications of this breach are far-reaching, serving as a stark reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of digital warfare.


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