Dark Side of Instagram


Today we don’t know about Dark Side of Instagram ,Instagram is not in any way hazardous. It’s the same as other social media platforms, and will not be dangerous as long as we are responsible for our use. We must maintain control over what we post and share as some posts may go against the rules and regulations of the community as well as we should not use abusive comments while commenting or mentioning in post. At the same time, we must respect the privacy of other users. We can’t control what other people post as parents, but we can control and limit what our children see.

What are the possible Dangers while using Instagram?

Fake Accounts and Hacking:

Nowadays there are a lot of fraudulent accounts on Instagram that are pretending to be someone else by using a profile photo of a beautiful guy or girl, frequently in the state of undress, to imitate a real account and gain more and more followers. They think that having such a profile photo can make their account more attractive and fascinating.  There are a variety of reasons why someone may create a fake Instagram account. Some people create accounts with the intent of Impersonating, Phishing, Scamming, spread Terror or to Harass others. Whereas some fake accounts are created in big quantities for buying and selling purposes as they have huge followings on their Instagram account.

Danger from Unknown Users:

A public account can be viewed and followed by any Instagram user; this is advantageous for individuals trying to build a social media following, but it raises several security problems. You never know who might interact with your child’s images and videos, or who might send them inappropriate messages and comments.

Bad Influence Over Kids:

Instagram may also erode a child’s self-esteem and cause them to become obsessed with their appearance. Certain hashtags (such as #thighgap or #skinnyinspiration) have also been shown to have an adverse impact on self-esteem. Children, on the other hand, can use Instagram’s Explore function, which curates public material using an algorithm based on your child’s interests and interactions. They can also use “hashtags” to find photos (categories on specific topics). Whereas it’s also possible that children will stumble across improper content. Children may come across violent photographs, sexual videos, and other inappropriate content. Even if their own account is set to private, kids can see these public posts.

Adult Content:

Some people may use Instagram for nasty purposes by posting inappropriate content on their accounts. This account consists of pornographic content which is disturbing, violent, or even nude as such content posted on Instagram is not appropriate even for teenagers. Therefore, such use of graphic violence in images and videos that encourage self-injury, including eating disorders should be prohibited.


Instagram addiction is a serious problem that should not be treated lightly. The problem is getting more pervasive as the use of the photo-sharing app grows. Teens who spend more time on their devices are more likely to report depressive symptoms and suicidal behavior, according to a recent study. Whereas Anxiety, loneliness, and a “fear of missing out” (FOMO) have all been connected to Instagram. If you can’t finish a single activity without checking Instagram because of FOMO, you may have an Instagram addiction. Similarly, if you can’t eat or work out without posting about it, you’re probably addicted to Instagram.

If your children don’t have content filtering, they may come across photographs or videos that are highly personal or sensitive, including those that celebrate self-harm or eating disorders. Instagram addiction affects a person’s mental health by creating depression in their personal life. Most of the addiction of Instagram comes from Reels which are trending every day in the explore section of Instagram. There are various disadvantages of Instagram Reels which are as follows:

Your day starts and ends with Instagram Reels:

We are now more concerned with keeping up with the current trends that are trending on social media. After we’ve seen, saved, and shared at least a dozen Reels with our pals, our day officially begins and finishes doing such kind of stuff on Instagram.

The Annoyingly Addictive Instagram Reel Songs:

And, while there are some songs on Instagram Reels that we adore, there are also some that are just irritating! These are the viral tracks that practically every other content creator uses and that will keep playing in your head on repeat. There’s no escape from such content.

Cringe content on Insta Reels:

Nowadays Reels are most trending on Instagram. Reels provide the same features as Tik Tok. Most of the Reels provide cringe content like Tik Tok which was banned in India. So now people are unable to use Tik Tok as they are using Insta Reels as a replacement. Only a few of them provide good content and the rest of them provide cringe content and call themselves content creators.


Just Cannot Stop Scrolling:

we never stop scrolling as there is a lot of addiction through Instagram Reels. We may believe that we will put our phones down after watching just one more video, but one quickly becomes ten. Before we know it, the sun has risen, work obligations have been met, and we have more trending Reels to watch as the cycle repeats every day.

Instagram users often strive for perfection:

Instagram is based on “likes,” which may easily convert it into a popularity contest. This focus on status and self-promotion can harm a child’s self-esteem, cause anxiety, and cause sentiments of jealously. Furthermore, children may go to great lengths to create outstanding content, which may drive them to attempt perilous activities (such as the Cinnamon Challenge) or poses in inappropriate outfits.  Young people may also struggle to understand that not everything they see on Instagram is genuine. Filters and picture manipulation can drastically alter a person’s appearance, leading to a longing for unattainable perfection. It may also erode a child’s self-esteem and cause them to become obsessed with their appearance.

No notification for screenshot:

Instagram does not provide screenshot alerts when someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram story. Whereas taking a screenshot is not illegal that’s why some people misuse or publish your as well as others’ photos on their Instagram account as pretending the real one. As there is no screenshot alert anyone can upload your pictures on the Internet without your concern.

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