Hackers Strike Again: Robert Half Faces Second Data Breach

Hackers Strike Again Hackers, known as IntelBroker and Sanggiero, claim to have breached Robert Half International Inc. once more, boasting the theft of sensitive data. The duo offers the trove of information for sale at $20,000 in Monero cryptocurrency. In June 2022, Robert Half International Inc. reported a breach targeting over 1,000 customers, resulting in […]

Unraveling the Web3 Job Landscape: Challenges and Triumphs in 2023

the Web3 Job Landscape

The global crypto market in 2023 faced tumultuous times, grappling with regulatory uncertainties that rendered it highly volatile. This led to 2023 being labeled the slowest year for crypto since 2019, as safety concerns lingered. Web3, a burgeoning sector, witnessed fluctuations in job opportunities globally, experiencing a reported decline of over 15 percent. According to […]

Heightened Threat Alert: Malicious PyPI Packages Target Linux Systems with Crypto Miners

In the complex world of cybersecurity, new threats constantly emerge, challenging the resilience of digital ecosystems. Recent discoveries have brought to light three malicious Python Package Index (PyPI) packages that specifically target Linux systems. These packages deploy crypto miners, exposing users to the risks of unauthorized cryptocurrency mining. Additionally, the advent of “DriveFS Sleuth,” an […]

DPRK’s State-Sponsored Hackers Pose Ongoing Challenge to Crypto Sector

Date: 08-01.2024 In a worrying development, hackers affiliated with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly known as North Korea, have successfully looted over $600 million in cryptocurrency throughout the course of 2023. The revelations come from blockchain analytics firm TRM Labs, indicating that North Korean threat actors were responsible for nearly a third […]