Beware: Criminals Exploit ‘Call Forwarding Scam’ Tactics

Beware: Criminals Exploit 'Call Forwarding Scam' Tactics

In a disturbing trend sweeping across the nation, criminals are capitalizing on the infamous ‘call forwarding scam’ to victimize unsuspecting individuals. Telecom giants like Reliance Jio and Airtel, alongside caller identification app Truecaller, have consistently warned users about the dangers of this deceptive scheme. Despite the longstanding awareness, scammers persist in evolving their strategies to […]

Beware of the ‘Like YouTube Videos and Earn’ Scam: Scammers Up Their Game

Beware of the 'Like YouTube Videos and Earn' Scam: Scammers Up Their Game

In a concerning development, scammers are elevating their tactics with the ‘Like YouTube Videos and Earn’ scam, preying on unsuspecting users on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. The scheme, which initially lures users by offering payment for liking videos, has duped individuals, including a senior government official and a Bengaluru cop, who reported significant financial […]

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