The Complete Operating System Handbook for Ethical Hackers


The choice of operating system (OS) might be crucial for ethical hackers in the field of cybersecurity, where the conflict between defenders and attackers is ongoing. Hacker-focused operating systems provide a community, a set of specialized tools, and strong security features that enable cybersecurity enthusiasts to do digital forensics, vulner ability assessments, and penetration testing […]

Hackers’ Playground: The Ultimate Showdown – BlackArch vs. ParrotOS!

BlackArch vs. ParrotOS

BlackArch and ParrotOS emerge as two formidable contenders in the realm of Linux distributions tailored for security testing. Both designed for penetration testing, security auditing, and digital forensics, these operating systems have garnered substantial popularity within the cybersecurity community. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll dissect the nuances that differentiate BlackArch and ParrotOS. BlackArch Linux: Unveiling […]