The Latest Evasion Tactics: GULOADER Malware Adopts Advanced Techniques

GULOADER Malware Adopts Advanced Techniques

Security experts have recently uncovered a novel strategy employed by the notorious GULOADER malware, designed to outsmart antivirus detection systems. This highly evasive shellcode downloader, commonly transmitted through email attachments or links with VBScript files, has now been identified utilizing the Vectored Exception Handler (VEH) capability, adding an extra layer of complexity to its evasion […]

Meta’s Bounty Triumph: Facebook’s 2FA Flaw Nets Researcher $27,200

Meta's Bounty Triumph: Facebook's

In a surprising turn of events, a loophole in Facebook’s SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) system found its way into Meta’s notable bug bounty discoveries for 2022. The vulnerability, initially undervalued, prompted Facebook’s parent company to revise the bounty from an initial $3,000 to a substantial $27,200. According to security researcher Manoj Gautam, the absence of […]

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