EC-Council: Ethical Hacking


Explain the principles of important topics in the field of information security, such as the fundamentals of ethical hacking, information security measures, pertinent regulations, and best practises.

  • Learn how to do reconnaissance and foot printing, two vital pre-attack steps in the ethical hacking process, using the most recent methods and tools.

Learn various network scanning methods and defences

Discover numerous enumeration approaches, including associated countermeasures for Network File Sharing (NFS) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) attacks.

Learn how to spot security gaps in the end systems, network, and communication architecture of a target company. various vulnerability assessment methodologies and vulnerability assessment instruments.

Learn about the numerous system hacking techniques used to find network and system vulnerabilities, such as steganography, steganalysis assaults, and covering tracks.

Learn different types of malware (Trojan, virus, worms, etc.), APT
and fileless malware, malware analysis procedure, and malware

Learn how to identify network vulnerabilities using packet-sniffing techniques, as well as how to defend against sniffing attacks.

Discover topics and methods related to social engineering, such as how to spot theft attempts, evaluate human-level weaknesses, and propose social engineering defences.

Discover several Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attack methods, as well as the tools used to audit a target and create DoS and DDoS defences.

Discover network-level session management, authentication, authorisation, and cryptographic flaws and related countermeasures by understanding the various session hijacking strategies employed.

Learn about honeypot evasion, firewall, and intrusion detection system (IDS) approaches, as well as the instruments used to audit a network's perimeter for vulnerabilities and countermeasures.

Discover information on web server assaults, including a thorough attack methodology used to examine weaknesses in web server infrastructures and defences.

Learn about web application assaults, as well as a thorough web application hacking approach that is used to audit web application vulnerabilities and available defenses.

Discover SQL injection attacks, evasion strategies, and defenses against SQL injection.

Acquire knowledge of various wireless technologies, including encryption, dangers, hacking techniques, tools, and Wi-Fi security measures.

Find out about mobile platform attack vectors, iOS and Android hacking, managing mobile devices, mobile security best practises, and security technologies.

Discover various IoT and OT attack types, hacking techniques, tools, and defences.

Learn about numerous cloud computing ideas, such as serverless computing and container technologies, as well as dangers, attacks, hacking methodologies, and cloud security strategies and tools.

Discover cryptanalysis tools, public key infrastructure (PKI), email and disc encryption, cryptography assaults, and encryption techniques.

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Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

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