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Learn the abilities that are important! The vendor-neutral network security certifications offered by EC-Council provide an unbiased approach to understanding secure networking practises, as well as how to assess and harden computing platforms common in today's IT infrastructure.

CND v2 has established a reputation as the market's only programme that is entirely focused on network security and protection.

IT workers must be involved in the cybersecurity ecosystem, particularly in the post-COVID Digital Transformation age. Think again if you believe cybersecurity is just the duty of cyber teams!

Certified Network Defender v2 was created by industry professionals to assist IT Professionals in taking an active role in the protection of digital corporate assets, as well as the detection and response to cyber threats, while harnessing threat intelligence to predict them before they occur. CND is a network security course aimed to assist enterprises in developing and deploying the most comprehensive network defence system possible.

  • Individuals with a basic understanding of networking fundamentals should choose Certified Network Defender v2. It will also help employees in the following employment roles advance in their careers:
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Network Technicians

Module 01: Network Attacks and Defense Strategies
Module 02: Administrative Network Security
Module 03: Technical Network Security
Module 04: Network Perimeter Security
Module 05: Endpoint Security-Windows Systems
Module 06: Endpoint Security-Linux Systems
Module 07: Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices
Module 08: Endpoint Security-IoT Devices
Module 09: Administrative Application Security
Module 10: Data Security
Module 11: Enterprise Virtual Network Security
Module 12: Enterprise Cloud Network Security
Module 13: Enterprise Wireless Network Security
Module 14: Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
Module 15: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
Module 16: Incident Response and Forensic Investigation
Module 17: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Module 18: Risk Anticipation with Risk Management
Module 19: Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis
Module 20: Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence

Certified Network Defender (CND v2ultimate )'s purpose is to assist Blue Teams in defending and winning the war against network intrusions in a post-pandemic future. For the following reasons, the curriculum is the best cyber defence education for businesses and individuals:

  • Based on frameworks for Common Job Roles that are accepted by enterprises all across the world.
  • Certification Program that is ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accredited.
  • The NICE 2.0 framework has been mapped.
    Cloud, IoT, Virtualization, and Remote Worker Threats, Attack Surface Analysis, Threat Intelligence, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), as well as Docker, Kubernetes, and container security are among the topics covered.
  • Covers the most recent technologies, strategies, and procedures employed by the world's leading cybersecurity specialists.

As a result, investing in CND v2 training and certification is a prudent step for organisations trying to establish impenetrable cyber protection strategies.

C|CND Certified Network Defender - hacktechmedia Professionals who complete a network security degree and have abilities in IT Security & Infrastructure, Switches & Firewall Installation and Administration, and Network Security Management earn between $66,000 and $112,000 per year.

The salary range is determined by the job description and experience. The further you progress, the more you’ll earn. On an annual basis, the average network security engineer can earn $87,000 P.A.

C|M Certificate In Metasploit

C|CND Certified Network Defender – hacktechmedia

Next-Generation Network Security Training for IT Professionals

Skills Employers Love. Talent the Cyber World Needs.

Exam Details

Number of Questions: 100
Test Duration: 4 hours
Test Format: Multiple Choice

Best Ethical Hacking Institute In Navi Mumbai
Best Ethical Hacking Instiute In Navi Mumbai

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Different Job Roles

Eligibility for 20+ cybersecurity job roles

Jobs Available

100000+ Jobs showcased on LinkedIn alone

Average Salary

The average salary for jobs in the U.S. that require cloud security skills is $174,181*.

Key USPs

Vendor-neutral and Vendor-specific cloud concepts (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) 50+ intensive labs with real-time scenarios using multi cloud

Accepted and Trusted Globally

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